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Jan. 12th, 2016 04:53 pm
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Jim had kept in contact with Number One, just like he said he would. He messaged her frequently at first, but then the mission kept taking up more of his time. He would get distracted with the brief bit of R&R via a chess game with Spock, or whatever Scotty, Sulu, or Chekov (or god help them all three) had cooked up lately.

Still, their 5 year mission was over before any of them had expected, highs and lows, losses and gains, and soon enough they were pulling back into spacedock. Earth was a welcome sight, and leave was approved in shifts as they underwent a refit and submitted all of their reports to HQ. About three days in Spock insisted that Jim head planetside, assuring him that he would take some leave time with Uhura after the schedule for their refit was approved, and the first groups returned for duty, albeit as a skeleton crew. He'd relented, but only after Bones and Uhura had something to say about it.

He checked his messages as he packed a bag, intending to head down to his apartment in San Francisco, but a message from Pike's widow caught his attention. He'd messaged her just before they'd arrived---god, how could he forget they were supposed to have dinner at the ranch tonight? Jim checked his chrono, and if he booked it, and got the next shuttle down, he could make it there with just a few minutes to spare. He made a run for it.

By the time he got to the front door, a little out of breath, and an apology ready. Then again, she would understand, right? Life of a captain. The door opens, and he heads in after she lets him in, half out of breath, and his bag slung over one shoulder.

"I'm sorry. I got caught up with everything at the spacedocks with the refit and getting all of our reports ready to be turned in---I lost track of ---" But she was never one to not be able to sense bullshit when she heard it. His shoulders slump before she can even say anything.

"I forgot, yeah. I forgot." Way to go, Jim.
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It was a routine survey mission, but they hadn't counted on seismic instability to get in the way of things. The small tremors had turned into ground shaking quakes in a matter of minutes, and Jim and Spock hadn't made it back to their shuttle before the ground gave way under their feet.

Jim was only glad he didn't actually need to breathe to survive, but Spock did. When he came around, faster than a normal human would with these sorts of injuries, he wasn't far from the surface. He blocked out the pain from the gash in his side, and the throbbing in his head. He blocked it out and focused on the familiar heartbeat of his First Officer and best friend. He could hear it, but it wasn't as strong as it normally was. He could also, even from this distance, smell the copper of his blood.

He focused again, shifted so that he could get his hands pressed flat against the large boulder in his way, snarled with effort, and pushed it free. The force of it, despite being weak from still healing, was enough to send it flying through the air. It skittered to a halt a few dozen feet away. After, he climbed out, ignoring the tug of dull pain in his side, and followed his senses to find the other man.

"Mr. Spock! If you can hear me, try not to move, I'm coming as fast as I can."
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[jim had taken the dare from pike, of course he had. it wasn't like him to not take someone on when they challenged him in that way, even if he was a delinquent at the best of times. so the genius level repeat offender went to starfleet.

he divided his time between sex, pranking captain pike, and studies, exactly that order. things were good for a while, he aced his classes, became top of his class in survival strategies and tactical analysis, and was the assistant instructor in advanced hand to hand combat techniques. there wasn't anything he wasn't doing better than someone else if he gave himself the opportunity (at least that's how he saw it), until that time of the year rolled around.

it wasn't one he talked about, then again, it wasn't something he was supposed to really talk about. the events had been redacted, rephrased, and retold so many different times that sometimes even jim had a hard time keeping it straight for himself. he thought he could distract and distance himself. he thought he could deal.

but two days later, captain pike would be getting a call detailing the fact that jim had failed to show for any classes or meals over the past two days that could be told, and he was failing to respond to any attempts at communication. he hadn't been seen or heard from by anyone, not even his best friend leonard mccoy who was more than a little concerned. it wasn't like jim.

when his communicator goes off with a priority message, jim debates ignoring it too, but finally relents. he flips it open, voice a little rough from having not talked for a while.]

Leave me alone, man. I don't want anything but that.

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